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MW Telemetry

Altan’s MW Telemetry provides a bidirectional downhole MWD and LWD data link operating at 250 kbps, the industry’s highest data rate, enabling more efficient, higher value, faster and safer directional drilling.

Industry’s Highest Downhole Data Rate

The Altan MW Telemetry system provides drillers with a reliable, high data rate downhole communications link for MWD, logging while drilling and downhole control. Ideal for directional drilling and horizontal drilling applications in Oil and Gas, Mining, Utilities and Construction industries, MW Telemetry (MWT) utilizes microwave communications inside the drill string, and provides a bidirectional data rate of 250 kbps with low latency.

MW Telemetry installed in directional drilling rig for mwd drilling.

Simple to Install and Use

Altan’s MW Telemetry takes minutes install. The system consists of compact subs that attach to the rig and ordinary drill rod in the drill string.

Comprehensive Downhole Data

The high data rate of MW Telemetry provides more downhole data for drillers, drilling engineers and geologists about the drilling process, formation, tool condition and potential safety concerns. MWD comes standard with the system, supporting MWD drilling. MWT’s open architecture supports integration of third party downhole sensors and tools, including their application software.

MW Telemetry monitoring display on smart phone.

Advanced Downhole Control

MW Telemetry is a patented, low latency, high data rate communications link that supports real-time downhole process control. This enables the drilling process to be optimized for increased speed and extended reach.

Telemetry Challenges Solved

Altan’s MWT solves common telemetry challenges. In contrast to EM, the system is unaffected by formation. Multiple MWT systems can be used in close proximity. Time delays associated with Wireline connections, including splicing, are eliminated. For air drilling, downhole air pressure is maintained while adding each drill rod.

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MWT Alliance

The MWT Alliance guides and promotes the advancement and adoption of MWT for global drilling applications.

Members include Users (Drillers, Drilling Engineers, Geologists, Operators) and Developers (Downhole Tools and Sensors, Software Applications) who receive regular updates regarding MW Telemetry capabilities, applications, solutions, and expansion roadmap.

Members are also given the opportunity to access MWT solutions, as well as integration and operational support.  In addition members can provide input regarding new MWT features and applications.

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