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Altan provides world class engineering and intellectual property expertise through the services, products and systems we deliver to diverse global markets.

World Class Expertise Supporting Global Markets

Altan delivers precision innovation to wide ranging global markets through our world class engineering, science and intellectual property expertise. Our broad industry knowledge supports diverse applications within growing IoT (Internet of Things) markets, from Smart Cities, Industrial IoT, Connected Health, Smart Homes, Connected Cars and Smart Utilities to Wearables.

The markets we serve include the following segments.

Aerospace and defense industry robotics.

Aerospace and Defense Industry

Altan supports the Aerospace and Defense industry with the services and products required to produce complex systems with demanding performance requirements, including advanced robotics for mission critical applications in harsh operating environments.

Automotive industry smart car.

Automotive Industry

Automakers and automotive systems manufacturers can rely on Altan’s world class expertise in software, electronics and mechanical engineering as well as IoT (Internet of Things), embedded systems and wireless communications to deliver reliable, feature rich systems and solutions for the automotive marketplace.

Consumer electronics bioprotection cellular telephone batteries.

Consumer Electronics

Altan develops innovative Consumer Electronics products. Our collaboration with Catholic University of America researchers developing bioprotection products for cellular telephones is an example of our work with academic institutions to engineer consumer devices which commercialize ground-breaking research.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications at industrial complex.

Industrial Sector

Altan supports industrial equipment manufacturers with our technology expertise, delivering high performance application-specific solutions that meet demanding end user requirements, including solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Medical device sleep monitoring system.

Medical Devices

Altan is a provider of software, electronics and mechanical engineering expertise that medical device manufacturers can leverage to deliver breakthrough, intelligent products, including smart, connected IoT (Internet of Things) medical devices.

Telecommunication and networking wireless spectrum analyzer.

Networking and Telecommunication Industry

Altan delivers precision innovation to Networking and Telecommunication industry through the products and services we offer, along with our expertise in IoT (Internet of Things), embedded systems and wireless communications.

Oil and Gas industry MW Telemetry monitoring system.

Oil and Gas, Mining, Utilities and Construction Industries

Altan is a developer of intelligent, connected solutions for Oil and Gas, Mining, Utilities and Construction industries that solve process, efficiency and environmental impact challenges while increasing profitability.

University and academia logos.

University and Academia

Altan collaborates with universities and academic institutions around the world, delivering innovative technology to support their research, as well as development services and commercialization expertise to enable market entry of products based on their research results.

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