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Altan’s patent expertise increases the value of your application, device, machine or system through intellectual property protection.

Securing Your Intellectual Property Rights Through Patent Protection

Patent protection secures your legal rights to deliver your innovative product to the market and to take legal action against those who copy your product or its unique features.

Altan’s expertise in IP and patent protection is a valuable tool for securing the position of your application, device, machine or system within a competitive marketplace.

Intellectual property protection for a valuable idea.

Patent Protection Based on Technology Advancement

Our process for patent protection begins in the planning stage of product development, where a patent strategy is established. Inventive technological and feature advances are identified as the foundational elements of patent protection for your product type, in combination with evaluation of prior art, including existing patents and patent applications.

At the core of Altan’s capability to put in place patent protection for your product is our ability to recognize and advance the technology and feature set upon which your product is based.


IP protection law.

Obtaining Patent Protection

Application for patent protection can begin once key technological and feature advances are identified, or once these advancements are proven and refined in proof of concept or prototyping steps of your product’s technology development phase.

Altan works with the industry’s best patent agents to develop your product’s patent application content, to file provisional, international and national phase applications which best support your patent protection strategy and to expedite the examination process. During national phase examination, Altan works with our patent agents to defend your patent applications.

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