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Altan delivers innovative, precise technology solutions to diverse global markets through our world class engineering, IoT (Internet of Things), embedded systems, wireless communication and intellectual property expertise.

Innovation with Precision

Altan Technologies delivers precision innovation through the technology-based services, products and systems we offer to customers in diverse global markets, leveraging our world class software, electronics and mechanical engineering capability, along with our exceptional IoT (Internet of Things), embedded systems, wireless communications, IP and patent protection expertise.

In addition, Altan is an IoT solution and services provider, offering embedded systems product development, embedded software engineering, custom software development and electronic design services.

Electronic design of abstract PCB board.

Our Core Competence is Innovation

Innovation is core to who we are. Altan innovates to deliver ground-breaking, best in class applications, devices, machines and systems. We are incredibly persistent in achieving our innovation objectives. Our innovation is fueled by creativity and world class technological skill developed over our decade-long history.

Perspective of software engineering and abstract GUI.

Our Unique Value Proposition

What makes Altan different is the combination of capabilities we offer. By combining IP and patent protection expertise with excellence in engineering, IoT (Internet of Things), embedded systems and wireless communication, Altan delivers breakthrough, high value product platforms, protected from competition with long market lifetime.

Embedded systems microprocessor and software engineering.

Precision Solutions for Innovation Challenges

Innovation is a powerful capability, providing many options for implementing solutions to complex problems. Altan’s precision in charting the course for solution development, based on our extensive experience and world class expertise, enables us to deliver the precise solution required, while mitigating risk, and in a timely manner. We excel at providing innovative, precision solutions that effectively and reliably meet customer needs while exceeding expectations.

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