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Electronics Engineering

Altan’s extensive electronics engineering expertise provides breadth and depth of capability, along with demonstrated electronic product development processes, that deliver winning devices, machines, systems and IoT solutions for diverse markets.

Tremendous Breadth and Depth of Expertise

Altan’s Electronics Engineering team has comprehensive expertise, with the capability to develop the electronics platform your device needs, with the optimal architecture and feature set customized for your application. We provide electronic design services including IoT device development, embedded systems product development and printed circuit board design.

Electronic design services specializations.

Our Electronics Engineering Specializations

Our electronics engineering capability includes embedded systems solutions design utilizing microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSPs and FPGAs, with architectures up to 64 bits. As hardware consultants, we develop digital, analog, and power conversion circuitry along with RF and microwave circuitry up to 20 GHz, utilizing discrete components and integrated circuits. We design wireless transceiver modules and custom antennas.

Embedded systems pcb board assembly.

Sensors, Controls, Wireless and Wired Communications

Device platforms and embedded hardware we develop can include user interface, sensor inputs, control outputs and communications interfaces, both wireless, Bluetooth/BLE, Wi-Fi, cellular, GPS, 802.15.4/ZigBee and RFID, and wired, Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI, RS-485 and CAN, ideal for IoT devices and real time embedded systems.

Electronic and printed circuit board design.

Our Electronics Development Process

Beginning with feature set, design for manufacturability, regulatory, test and RoHS/WEEE requirements, high level design and technology selection are completed. Subsystem design, and required simulation, proof of concept implementation, and new core IP development occur, followed by circuit and logic design, schematic capture, PCB layout, prototype build and board bring up. After software integration, refinements, and regulatory approvals, pre-production then production builds occur.

IoT (Internet of Things) Smart City.

Wide Range of Applications

We develop products for a wide range of applications, from IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, battery powered devices, wireless transceivers, and embedded Linux hardware to high performance computing platforms. You can rely on Altan to deliver your next winning product.

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