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Embedded Systems

Altan’s world class Embedded Systems expertise provides the foundation for developing the embedded intelligence at the heart of breakthrough smart, connected devices, machines, systems and IoT solutions.

Foundational Pillars of Embedded Expertise

Altan’s deep embedded systems product development expertise is based on two foundational, complementary pillars, embedded hardware development and embedded software engineering, combined to deliver world class embedded systems solutions utilized in smart, connected devices, machines, systems and IoT solutions, for a broad range of global markets.

In combination with our technology and product development capabilities, Altan’s embedded hardware and embedded software development services deliver innovative, ground-breaking products that build your market share and grow your position in a competitive marketplace.

Embedded systems printed circuit board with microprocessor.

Delivering the Optimal Embedded Platform

We develop the optimal embedded platform for your product based on its requirements, integrating its intelligence, sensing, control and communications capabilities utilizing the ideal computing platform, whether microprocessor, microcontroller, DSP and/or FPGA, and software foundation, whether bare metal or OS-based, including real-time. Altan supports industry leading microprocessor and microcontroller manufacturers, such as Texas Instruments and architectures, including ARM, and embedded operating systems like embedded Linux, TI-RTOS and FreeRTOS.

IoT (Internet of Things) applications and global connectivity.

Sensing, Control, Communications and IoT

Altan delivers high quality, reliable embedded hardware and embedded software solutions ideal for applications including IoT devices, used for sensing and control, as well as edge computing platforms, used for implementing IoT solutions and services, which optimize communications with cloud services and allow cloud-independent operation.

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