Professional Services

Altan provides comprehensive Professional Services that deliver innovative, winning products built on world class technology and protected intellectual property, which increase your market share and drive your profitability.

Project planning, abstract, small.

Project Planning

Effective, Comprehensive Project Planning and Analysis.

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Technology development, abstract, small.

Technology Development

Innovative IP Development, Mitigation of Technical Risk.

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Product design and development, abstract, small.

Product Development

Complete Development Services, Precision Innovation.

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Electronic manufacturing services, abstract, small.


Prototype and Pre-production Assembly, Volume Manufacturing.

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Product support services, abstract, small.

Product Support

Continuous Refinement, Cost Reduction, Long Term Support.

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Path to intellectual property protection, abstract, small.

IP Protection

Adding Value to Your IP Through Patent Protection.

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Comprehensive Product Development, Manufacturing
and IP Services

Altan Professional Services provide comprehensive product development, manufacturing and intellectual property capabilities, built from over a decade of dedication to world class software, electronics and mechanical engineering, as well as IoT (Internet of Things), embedded systems, wireless communications and patent expertise.

Engineering services and innovation.

Precision Innovation for Diverse Global Markets

Our Professional Services deliver precision innovation in the development of applications, IoT devices, machines and systems to diverse global markets, from Aerospace and Defense to Consumer Electronics, Industrial sector, Telecommunication industry and Oil and Gas industry.

Professional Services for the Entire Product Lifecycle

Altan’s Professional Services support the entire product development lifecycle, from planning though to volume manufacturing.

Engineering services steps.

Project Planning is the starting point of the product development process, where plans, process and deliverables for the project are defined.

Technology Development produces new intellectual property for product differentiation and advancement while Product Development provides the completed application, Internet of Things device, machine or system.

Our Manufacturing services deliver the product in volume for your customers, while Product Support provides maintenance services after initial release.

Altan’s Intellectual Property services protect your innovative product and its technology advancements, increasing its value and lifetime in the market.

Innovative product development and technology.

Winning Products to Achieve Your Business Goals

Altan’s Professional Services deliver winning products built on world class technology and engineering, and protected intellectual property that secure your position in the market, to achieve your growth, profitability and business goals.

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