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Product Development

Altan’s skilled development team designs innovative products with precision engineering expertise that drive profitability and accelerate your growth.

Altan’s Precision Innovation Delivers Outstanding Products

Altan’s team of engineering professionals develops intelligent, connected systems, machines and IoT devices along with software applications, with precision innovation.

Our exceptional team of software, electronics and mechanical engineers as well as Internet of Things (IoT), wireless and network communication, human factors and regulatory experts deliver outstanding, market leading, innovative products.

Product development process block diagram.

The Starting Point, a Firm Foundation

Beginning with product, design for manufacturability and regulatory requirements established in the project planning phase, and innovative intellectual property designed in the technology development phase, product development commences, based the established product development strategy and plan.

Product development strategy team discussion.

How We Work

Altan develops products on a turnkey basis, from initial concept through to production version, ready for volume manufacturing, following our product development process. We also support your own product design and development program by engineering the critical subsystems you need.

We inform you with regular status updates and design reviews, providing deliverables as milestones are reached.

Outstanding product design and development results.

Outstanding Development Results

Product performance and development results are evaluated at each release point to ensure high quality and compliance. The supply chain is utilized throughout to streamline transition to volume manufacturing. The results of user and field testing are incorporated for refinement. Regulatory approvals for the necessary national, international and regional certifications your product needs are obtained.

The first thing that comes to mind when I evaluate Altan’s contribution to our development project is that they are a team of consummate professionals. We also appreciate their candour and diligence in that they’d rather lose the job than overpromise or under-quote. In the end they not only baled us out, but gave us a better product with more features.

—Brian Tuttle, COO at MetaGeek

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