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Mechanical Engineering

Altan’s versatile mechanical engineering services capability provides the expertise you need to develop the mechanical elements of your ground breaking IoT devices, machines or systems.

Adept, Proficient Mechanical Engineering

Altan’s mechanical engineering proficiency represents a valuable element of our cross-functional product development capability. Our extensive mechanical engineering expertise is foundational to successful, complex and varied device and system development programs. Our capability includes mechanical design services for IoT product development, electronic product design and embedded systems product development, which complement Altan’s exceptional electronic design services.

Mechanical 3D model design.

Our Mechanical Engineering Expertise

Altan’s flexible mechanical engineering team specializes in design and 3D model development of product assemblies, components and enclosures, material selection, mechanical stress simulation, design for manufacturability as well as EMI and ESD suppression. Our team develops prototypes for concept evaluation, tooling for production component fabrication, and works concurrently with our other engineering disciplines, including electronic product development specialists, during the development process to achieve accelerated product completion.

Mechanical design of industrial robot.

Integrated, Complex Mechanical Assemblies

Our mechanical engineering capability provides the expertise necessary to develop integrated mechanical assemblies, including 3D models, where complex, interrelated sets of requirements, including thermal, shock and vibration, electromagnetic and design for manufacturability, must be balanced. These capabilities support development of products with complex requirements including Internet of Things devices, embedded systems solutions and wireless transceivers. This expertise built over our decade plus history enables us to deliver a wide-variety of intelligent connected products implementing unique technologies for customers in diverse, global markets.

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