Altan develops downhole telemetry and control systems for air drilling and directional drilling which increase productivity and reduce cost along with environmental impact, while improving safety.

MW Telemetry used for horizontal drilling in the Oil and Gas industry, small.

MW Telemetry

Highest Downhole Data Rate, Easy to Use, Downhole Control.

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Intelligent air drilling used for directional and horizontal drilling, small.

Intelligent Air Drilling

Faster, More Profitable and Safer Air Drilling.

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Transforming the Value Proposition of Air Drilling

Altan engineers advanced downhole telemetry and control systems for air drilling applications in Oil and Gas, Mining, Utilities and Construction industries. We leverage our world class capability in mechanical, electronics and software engineering, as well as wireless communications and IoT (Internet of Things) product development to deliver systems with unique, powerful capabilities that transform the value proposition of air drilling and applications where it is utilized.

MW Telemetry installed in directional drilling rig.

Advanced Air Drilling Telemetry and Control Platform

Altan’s MW Telemetry (MWT) system is the foundational platform for the advanced downhole telemetry and control systems we develop. MW Telemetry provides air drillers with a reliable, high data rate downhole communications link for MWD and downhole control utilized in directional drilling. Utilizing microwave communications inside the drill string, MW Telemetry provides a bidirectional data rate of 250 kbps with low latency.

Pumpjacks and crew at sunset.

Drilling Intelligence Creates New Capabilities

Leveraging the MW Telemetry platform, Altan develops Intelligent Air Drilling downhole telemetry systems and control systems for directional drilling and logging while drilling (LWD). These systems improve the drilling process by optimizing drilling results while increased efficiency, speed and safety. In combination with innovative sensors and downhole tools, MW Telemetry’s high data rate provides more data to increase drilling process intelligence. Drilling intelligence unlocks Oil and Gas and mineral resources by improving the economics and reducing the impact of exploration.

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