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Software Engineering

Altan’s software engineering expertise along with broad application support deliver quality, reliable software solutions for a multitude of application platforms and multi-platform systems.

Multi-Platform Software Engineering Expertise

Altan’s tremendous expertise and capability in software engineering delivers robust, well-structured software for embedded, desktop and mobile platforms, as well as multi-platform systems.

Our multidisciplinary expertise in software engineering, embedded firmware and electronic product development provides fully optimized device and system architectures, and enables concurrent development and rapid board bring up for faster system delivery. Altan’s custom software development capability includes embedded software development services for products such as IoT devices and embedded systems solutions.

Software engineering code.

Our Proven Development Process

Altan’s software development process begins with requirements analysis, high level design, and technology selection steps, followed by detailed design, coding and testing of each application and system. We complete rigorous verification and develop test systems for validation, ensuring quality and reliability. We leverage best in class software productivity tools for configuration management, static and dynamic analysis, issue tracking and test.

Software engineering for IoT (Internet of Things) and GUI development.

Broad Application Support

Altan develops single and multi-threaded software, bare metal and operating system-based embedded applications, and multi-platform systems. Our expertise includes low power and real-time embedded systems, measurement and control, signal processing, and network protocol stack customization for development of products requiring embedded software solutions including IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Altan’s tremendous software engineering experience and ability delivers applications and multi-platform solutions your customers can depend on.


Altan’s complete grasp of the issues facing our customers and their accuracy in delivering the perfect solution are simply remarkable.  Altan Technologies deserves the highest praise.

—Emmanuel Touron, Senior Engineering Manager at Wind River

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