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Technology Development

Altan’s team of engineering professionals delivers innovative technology for market-leading products, and mitigates technical uncertainty for reduced product development risk.

Advancing Your Product through Technology Development

In a competitive marketplace, product differentiation is a key to success. Through technology development, innovative technologies can be developed, providing advanced capabilities and features for your application, IoT devices, machines or systems to build your market share.

Innovative technologies published in scientific journal.

Starting the Technology Development Process

Starting with a new product concept, new feature, laboratory research or scientific paper, the technical risks are identified and analyzed. The new technology deliverables are defined, and a plan for mitigating these risks and developing the new technology elements is put in place.

Technology and prototype design.

Delivering Technology Development Results

Specialists from Altan’s team of engineering professionals develop the necessary deliverables that can include specific intellectual property, a proof of concept implementation, core technology and platform or a complete product prototype.

Following technology development, product development can begin, including IoT (Internet of Things) device development, embedded systems solutions development, or electronic product development. Planning for implementing a family of products based on the core technology platform can occur, along with specifying the product migration strategy. Intellectual property protection can be put in place to secure the new technology developed.

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