Altan delivers precision innovation through our world class technology and engineering capability, developing applications, devices, machines, systems and IoT solutions for diverse global markets.

IoT (Internet of Things) global network interconnections, small.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT Devices, Cloud Connectivity and Applications.

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Intelligence at the heart of embedded systems, with abstract PCB board, small.

Embedded Systems

Device Intelligence, Technology Integration and Communication.

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Embedded software development services, abstract, small.

Embedded Software

Reliability, Flexibility, Bare Metal and Embedded OS Support.

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Wireless communication, abstract cellular, small.

Wireless Communication

Wide Spectrum of Expertise, Multidisciplinary Approach.

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Software engineering, abstract, small.

Software Engineering

Broad Application Support, Multi-Platform Proficiency.

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Electronic design services, abstract, small.

Electronics Engineering

World Class Capability, Comprehensive Design Specialization.

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Mechanical engineering services, abstract, small.

Mechanical Engineering

Quality, Knowledge and Precision Innovation.

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Path to intellectual property protection, abstract, small.

IP Protection

Adding Value to Your IP Through Patent Protection.

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World Class Technology Expertise

Altan provides world class technology expertise in electronics, mechanical, software and embedded software engineering, as well as IoT (Internet of Things), embedded systems and wireless communication through the services, products and systems we deliver to diverse global markets.

Our technology expertise, broad development experience and creativity enable us to innovate and deliver precise, reliable technology solutions, including IoT and embedded systems solutions.

Strength in innovative technologies expertise and software engineering.

Comprehensive Innovation Capability

Altan’s precision innovation and technology expertise are capabilities that enable us to deliver disruptive, breakthrough products. We develop applications, devices, machines, systems and IoT solutions utilizing our comprehensive technology skills and management capabilities grown in our decade-long history.

Embedded systems printed circuit board with microprocessor.

The extensive professional services we offer leverage this technology expertise, and include project planning, technology development, product development, manufacturing, product support, as well as intellectual property services.

As an IoT (Internet of Things) development company, Altan provides IoT engineering services, in addition to our embedded systems product development, electronic product development, embedded firmware and embedded software development services.

Global markets and industries we serve with technologies expertise.

Diverse Global Markets and Applications

Our technology expertise serves diverse global markets; from the aerospace and defense industry and consumer electronics segment to networking, telecommunication and industrial sectors, and the oil and gas industry.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications in industrial facility.

This broad industry expertise also supports diverse applications within growing IoT (Internet of Things) markets, from Smart Cities, Industrial IoT, Connected Health, Smart Homes, Connected Cars and Smart Utilities to Wearables, where embedded hardware and embedded software solutions are key.

Altan’s world class technology expertise delivers the breakthrough application solutions your market needs.

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