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Intelligent Air Drilling

Altan develops Intelligent Air Drilling telemetry and control solutions which improve the economics and reduce the environmental impact of Oil and Gas and Mining exploration, and optimize Utilities and Construction drilling.

Altan Brings Innovation to Air Drilling

Altan develops Intelligent Air Drilling downhole telemetry and control systems for directional drilling applications in Oil and Gas, Mining, Utilities and Construction industries. By leveraging Altan’s patented MW Telemetry (MWT) technology foundation, in combination with innovative new downhole sensors and tools, the air drilling process is made more efficient, faster and safer. Altan integrates COTS drilling sensors and applications with MWT for added capability.

Pumpjacks in directional drilling acreage.

Increased Value, Efficiency and Safety

Intelligent air drilling can unlock Oil and Gas and mineral resources by improving the economics and reducing the impact of exploration. For Utilities and Construction applications, intelligent air drilling increases efficiency and capability.

From longer laterals for horizontal wells by means of improved hole cleaning, to optimized wellbore placement through LWD formation imaging and optimized fracking for reduced environmental footprint, intelligent air drilling has numerous benefits. Safety can be improved through monitoring and detection of hazardous downhole conditions. Integration with directional percussion air drilling equipment increases efficiency.

MWD drilling tool used for air drilling.

Intelligent Downhole Sensors, Tools and Subs

Directional drilling companies can benefit from the intelligence integrated into MW Telemetry systems.

Altan develops custom sensors, tools and subs for logging while drilling, downhole measurement and control which incorporate MWT technology. Intelligence can be incorporated into COTS or custom tools and integrated into the MW Telemetry system for enhanced MWD drilling, and connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) for data analysis, remote monitoring and control.

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