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Embedded Software

Altan provides embedded software development services and expertise for implementing smart, connected devices, machines, systems and IoT platforms, delivering precise, innovative embedded software solutions.

Extensive Expertise, Versatile Multi-Platform Services

Altan leverages its extensive embedded software engineering expertise to provide versatile embedded software development services for a broad range of embedded systems platforms, ranging from 8 to 64 bit processor architectures executing bare metal and operating system-based applications.

As an embedded hardware and embedded software development company, we have broad experience and capability in embedded systems product development, including IoT (Internet of Things) device development and real time embedded systems. Our expertise encompasses both hardwired and wireless communications interfaces and their protocol stacks.

Embedded software solutions, Android and Linux.

Embedded Platform Support

Altan provides embedded software services including embedded firmware development, supporting microprocessor, microcontroller, DSP and/or FPGA-based embedded hardware platforms, and their software foundation, whether bare metal or OS-based, including real-time. Altan supports industry leading microprocessor and microcontroller manufacturers, such as Texas Instruments and architectures, including ARM, and embedded operating systems like embedded Linux, TI-RTOS and FreeRTOS.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications at industrial complex.

Applications and Markets

From applications that include sensing and control to communications, high performance computing and battery operation, Altan develops embedded software for a wide range of products and markets, from aerospace and defense to consumer electronics and the industrial sector.

Our broad industry expertise supports diverse applications within growing IoT (Internet of Things) markets, from Smart Cities, Industrial IoT, Connected Health, Smart Homes, Connected Cars and Smart Utilities to Wearables. For the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Altan’s extensive industrial sector experience provides additional insights and capability.

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