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Prototype development – testing the unknown

Before you commit substantial investment and valuable resources to a complete development program – let us put your device concept to the test by developing a prototype.

Using any and all of our expertise in:

  • Embedded systems
  • Wireless communications
  • Mechanical design
  • Software

We can create and produce your device prototype according to your specific requirements.

The pros of a prototype

  • Transform your idea into something tangible
    • Demonstrate your idea with a working model
    • Put it to the test – evaluate your product concept and refine specific features
  • Manage and minimize risk
    • Prove fundamental product concept before committing to a full-scale development
    • Justify further investment and development based on prototype results
  • Get a head start
    • Lay the foundation for your next development program
    • Outsource proof of concept work without burdening your core development team or disrupting any other important project

Deliverables made to order

According to your requirements and specifications, we will develop a device prototype, providing the following deliverables:

  • Requirements definition
  • Specification
  • Plan
  • Budget
  • Management updates
  • Working prototype(s)
  • Intellectual property

All intellectual property will be transferred to you so your company is free to use it in whatever way you choose. We will work with your development team to ensure that the technology developed is transferred smoothly.

Take the first step

The prototype development process begins with a simple phone call or e-mail.

After initial discussions to review your concept, we will work together to establish firm requirements and specifications. Once these are agreed upon, Altan will deliver the prototype you need.

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