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Maintenance – making your product new and improved

Altan’s team can always come to the fore when your own development resources are fully stretched. During the growth phase of your device’s life cycle, you may need to add features or improve its performance to ensure a competitive edge. Later, during its maturity phase, you may require an update to extend its lifetime or increase its value to the market.

Key benefits

Extend product lifetime and increase value

  • Modify your product for cost reduction, improved manufacturability and RoHS compliance

Support your existing customer base

  • Implement bug fixes and minor feature changes to support the current product platform

Capitalize on new opportunities

  • Respond rapidly and tactically by adding an important feature to your product

Increase your development flexibility

  • Add engineering capability without disrupting your existing product development flow

Utilize an all-in-one development partner

  • Benefit from a single dedicated team with all the skills necessary to maintain you product platform

Our product maintenance capabilities encompass four general categories:

Take the first step

As your trusted device development partner, Altan Technologies will deliver maximum value and flexibility by maintaining your existing product platform – while minimizing your management overhead.

After confirming a match between your needs and our capabilities, we will develop a support agreement, define the specific work to take place, and then begin.

Contact us via telephone or e-mail to get started.

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