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Product development - from idea to icon

Altan Technologies offers you the definitive one-stop shop for transforming your device requirements into a complete, manufacturable product.

Our engineers and specialists have the talent and know-how to blend seamlessly with your product marketing team at any point on the development spectrum. We’ll work through any and every development phase to full completion, and help you create a winning product.

Why Altan for your product development?

  • We’re an all-in-one resource with the multiple skills to take you from start to finish
  • We’ll accelerate your time-to-market
  • We’ll help reduce your development costs across the board
  • We’ll increase your organization’s capacity to capitalize on more opportunities in a quickly changing market
  • We’ll allow you to focus on your core competencies

Our device development process

The Altan device development process can be broken into separate phases, each with specific goals and deliverables:


  • We’ll work with your product marketing group to define device requirements, how it will be used and what features it offers the customer


  • We’ll work with your product marketing group to define performance specifications of the product
  • We’ll assist your manufacturing group or contract manufacturer in establishing a design for manufacturability (DFM) and test specifications for the product


  • We’ll handle the entire development of a working prototype which functions according to specification, from design to delivery
  • Or, we’ll work with your design support group to reshape an existing product


  • We’ll deliver the pre-production version of the device to your manufacturing group or contract manufacturer, and make any changes required for efficient manufacture and any testing required
  • We’ll confirm that the device conforms to all established design and manufacturing specifications
  • We’ll work through any approvals process to ensure the device conforms to applicable regulatory requirements
  • We can assist your manufacturing group with refinement and qualification of production processes for full-scale device manufacture


  • We’ll ensure that the first production run of devices meets all performance and manufacturing specifications
  • We’ll transfer all device intellectual property to your company
  • We’ll train your design support group to maintain the product
  • Or we’ll manufacture your device in volume and deliver the product to you


  • As necessary, we can assist your design support group in maintaining and updating the product through its lifetime
  • Any or all of the above

The process we follow can be tailored to accommodate your needs.

Our capabilities

Our device technology capabilities are in four general categories:

Taking the first step

To begin the product development process, call us or e-mail us.

After initial discussions to review your device and schedule requirements, Altan Technologies will work with you to ensure a successful product development program.

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