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How to reach peak efficiency

It takes a lot of effort and expertise to get a device development program to reach peak efficiency. Altan Technologies has the skill sets and all the professional services you’ll need to complete every stage, including:

Technical consulting – pulling a team together

Our people are available to work with your people – on call. Whether it’s for a specific project or an ongoing service requirement, Altan will provide technical expertise and staffing just when you need it.

Prototype development – starting at base camp

Altan’s team of engineering professionals can develop a working prototype to demonstrate your product concept or technology before you undertake a complete development program.

Product development – the summit expedition

Altan offers you a one-stop-shop for transforming your device requirements into a finished product, ready for volume manufacturing.

Product maintenance – raising the flag higher

When your internal development resources are fully committed, Altan will maintain your existing product platform, adding features or extending product lifetime to maximize your return on investment.

Manufacturing – making it all the way

Whether you need a small number of prototypes manufactured for a trade show or angel investor forum, or production volumes of a complete product, Altan can make to order. At Altan, we have the production knowledge and specialized equipment to custom assemble any number of prototypes – even when microscopic surface mount components are required.

How we provide our services

Altan provides management for all its services, so you can simply delegate the work to be done and move on to other important priorities.

We can work directly with individuals and groups in your organization as required and become part of your existing development organization. We also ensure compliance with your internal standards and practices.

We tailor our professional services to suit your project requirements. And we support our service offerings with technical expertise in embedded systems, wireless communications, mechanical engineering and software development.

Let Altan Technologies be your device development partner and contribute to your success. We invite you to see how we’ve helped others succeed with their projects.

Contact us and we’ll work together to determine the best choice of services you need. Whether you’re in the concept development stage, the prototype stage or the production stage, we can help you take your project onwards and upwards.



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