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Teamwork counts double when you're talking about a lifeline. And when your whole enterprise and investment is on the line. It's so great when you can safely trust and depend on your partners.


Altan will take you to the top

Wherever you’re headed in your device development enterprise, we’re the team to help you get there. Our qualified professionals are competent, capable, passionate and persistent. And each of us values the trusted partnerships we enjoy with our customers. Let the Altan team learn about your challenges and help you identify your opportunities. And find a way to the top together.

Let's pull together

We’re a team of specialists – technical professionals, engineers, left brain analysts and right-brain visionaries – all carefully chosen and committed to creating the perfect device. Or any electronic system that combines intelligence with the ability to communicate, display, control or measure.

But in our world, there’s no typical kind of assignment. No preconceived notions. No hard and fast rules – except our commitment to meet your highest expectations.

Our technical muscle

We’re good at steep learning curves. And we’re confident we can handle just about any technical challenge you’re facing with ease, no matter how far you are along the development path. Our main strengths lie in the following areas:

You can also entrust our team with:

How we work

We’ll use ongoing communications and reporting to keep you up to speed with your project. We can quickly integrate with your development team and business practices in ways only seasoned professionals can.

These are the critical stages we can help you with:

  • Describe the device – define the requirements and specifications
  • Test the tough parts – remove risks and develop proof of concept to determine the possible and impossible
  • Make it work – create and build a prototype
  • Bring it to market – make it ready to sell, secure production
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"Altan Technologies provided a high level of competence and technical expertise that was instrumental to our project’s success."

Ben Rubin,
Chief Technology Officer, Zeo

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